Dear Realtor Friend,

As a sales savvy professional you know the right questions to ask. And you wouldn’t be the first one to ask me: “Why should I partner with you? What are the benefits to me, and what sets you apart from the other mortgage guys and gals?”.

So I thought I’d come up with a list:

Get more of your offers accepted. In a hot sellers market with multiple offers you know how difficult it can be to get offers accepted. You have to act fast! Many Realtor’s underestimate the power of partnering with a Loan Professional who answers the phone 7am to 8pm – 7 days a week, and who communicates clearly and convincingly your buyer’s attributes to the listing agents.

I’ve been told many times by Realtor partners that the listing agent based a big part of their decision to accept an offer due to a conversation they had with me about the buyer.
Perhaps it’s my weird British accent LOL? Who knows? All that matters is it will help YOU close more deals!

Put more money in your pocket! I’ve been a mortgage professional for over 23 years and closed thousands of transactions. This experience means fewer of your deals falling out due to mortgage issues.

Get instant answers to your questions and avoid time-wasting voice tag. I’m extremely responsive. You can get hold of me almost any time. If you (or a listing agent) call me between 6am to 8pm 7 days a week I’ll usually answer the call. Rarely will you go to voice mail, and if you do you’ll typically get a call back within 15 minutes. Do you think that might help you close more deals?

I’m your advocate. Think of me as your right hand man, ready to serve you and your clients with impeccable British service! : ) I’ll constantly affirm to your buyers and sellers what a great choice they made in hiring YOU!

Save time and money. With your permission I’ll keep in front of any lead you send me for years! Once in my database I make sure they receive my monthly newsletter. And when they are ready to buy or sell I will make sure they are circled back to you.

Impress your clients when you tell them “your lender” may be able to get them a large credit toward’s closing costs. Many of my purchase clients have received credits as high as $10,000! Do you think this might help you close more deals?

If you feel any of the above will help you close more deals let’s talk and see if a partnership makes sense to us both. Call or text me on my cell: 408-533-2467 any time to discuss.

To get an idea of the type of service you and your clients will receive check out my Yelp reviews:

See you at the top!

Howard Davies